After 35 years of getting married, getting a BS and MS from UC Davis in mechanical engineering , having two children, working as an engineer, quitting a soul-sucking job and raising aforementioned children, I woke up and decided to become an animator. So I enrolled at Cogswell College in Sunnyvale, CA and graduated suma cum laude in Computer and Video Imaging in 2001.

I started making short animated films that you can see elsewhere on this site. Now that I'm 35, I spend my days walking the dog, playing badminton, volunteering with Destination Imagination, animating short animated films and lying about my age.

They say that character animators are just actors that are too ugly or too shy to get up in front of an audience. OK, the "or" in that sentence should be an "and" in my case, but I still get a huge kick out of having my characters come to life and tell my stories and jokes.

So you may be wondering why the site is called "Decks Awash". This is a picture of a sculpture I did before going to Cogswell and it's name is "Decks Awash". He has been a bit of a mascot for me every since. I used the character in a student animation I did called "Chocolate Lab". Someday I'll get around to putting my student projects up on the site.