The idea for this short goes back to something I saw when my older daughter was in second grade: she was the focal point of about five or six boys! Now it was only second grade, but it didn't take much imagination to race forward ten years. For a guy who always kind of looked at women as "prey" it is a cruel irony to be the father of daughters.

I did this in Hash Animation Master. I didn't want to spend a lot of time modeling and rigging faces and torsos (faces are hard to model and shoulders are hard to rig) so I settled on the kiwi guy design. I differentiated the women with hair styles and colors as well as skin tones.

"A Cruel Irony" is aimed at an older audience but did pretty well in festivals. I sent it out to ten smaller fests and it got into three. Batting .300 isn't too bad even if they were all singles.